BlinkBid helps creative professionals become business savvy. Since its inception in 2008, BlinkBid has built on the experiences of many different photographers passionate about their work and service they provided to their clients.


Project description:

• 87 Labs has been a part of the Blinkbid team since 2017.

• The first step was to improve the Blinkbid platform, reducing response time and operating costs. Then, we migrated everything to an improved and safer cloud infrastructure.

• Today, we are responsible for 100% of the company’s development, support and technical planning.

• Through the improvements delivered by 87 Labs, Blinkbid has managed to grow further across multiple verticals in faster validation cycles.


Technologies used: Ruby on Rails y Vue.js


87 Labs understands the client’s needs and delivers solutions that exceed expectations and also help the product evolve into its best version, ultimately contributing significantly to user conversion and satisfaction.
We have been working together for many years and are deeply satisfied. 87 Labs is more than just a service provider, it’s a partner that brings expertise, teamwork and a healthy work culture to the table.

Chantal GouveaCEO

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